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About Glycom

We are a privately held company, founded in 2005 and based in Denmark. We are focussed on the development, synthesis and commercialization of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs).  Our ambition is to improve human health by making HMOs and their benefits broadly available.

HMOs are a group of oligosaccharides which are present in high concentrations in human milk (they are the 3rd largest component of motherís milk).  HMOs contribute to many of the wonderful health benefits of motherís milk.  In particular, they modulate the infantís intestinal microbiota to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and reduce pathogens, protect the infant against infections, and promote development of the infantís intestine and immune system.  They are also believed to contribute to the development of the infantís brain.  They may also be extremely beneficial to older children and adults. However, commercial use of HMOs has been blocked by lack of availability and high cost.  

Our breakthrough technologies are changing this paradigm permanently. We have developed efficient microbial fermentation, chemical and enzymatic technologies allowing us to synthesize HMOs representing over 75% of total HMO concentration in typical samples of motherís milk.  The lead HMOs in our pipeline have robust production technologies now entering industrialisation and we have produced them on large scale under GMP conditions.  We and our partners have conducted large, randomized, controlled clinical studies showing safety and tolerance in infants and adults and impact on microbiota.  Also, our lead HMOs have been approved for use in foods in Europe and the US. We also have a rich pipeline of other HMOs in early stages of development.

We have an active pre-clinical and clinical program to investigate and prove the beneficial properties of HMOs.  Further, we encourage research on HMOs and their properties by donating material to research groups.  Groups interested should consult our HMO donations page.