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The Glycom team

Operating in Denmark, our R&D team has extensive experience in carbohydrate chemistry, enzymology, and microbial fermentation, with over 1,000 publications. We employ top scientists from many nations and apply a rare combination of intellectual excellence and commercial orientation in our work.

We are one of the largest and most innovative groups of such scientists in Europe, and possibly the world.

Our board of Directors includes:

Kim Bøttkjær – Chairman
Kim is Founder and managing partner of FIH PARTNERS, Denmark's leading M&A advisor.  He has worked with the majority of listed biotech companies in Denmark and advised on numerous IPOs and rights issues in the biotech sector.

John Theroux – CEO and Director
John has served as head of the European practice of management consulants Bain and Company as well as senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School and head of a number of early stage technology companies

Thomas Schweizer - Director
Thomas is previous head of R&D, Nestle Nutrition, and has had a long career at top levels overseeing research and development programs in the largest food and nutrition company in the world.

Joachim Thiem - Founder and Director
Jo is Professor of Chemistry, University of Hamburg - and a world leading expert in carbohydrate synthesis including enzymatic technologies.

Heiko Schipper - Director
Heiko is the CEO of Nestlé Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition company, and a member of the executive board of Nestlé SA

Harold Humbert - Director
Harold is the CFO of Nestlé Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition company